Vertix is the most exciting pitch innovation

FlexGrass, in collaboration with SISGrass, is offering the very best hybrid grass in the world today.

Vertix is an hybrid grass that gives you more playing hours and faster pitch recovery.

Vertix Hybrid grass is 95% natural turf reinforced with polyethylene fibres, installed with Vertix patented by SISgrass injection technology that ensures faster pitch recovery and longer lasting grass.

Vertix offers the very best playing surface in the world: same technology was installed at 6 out of 12 World Cup stadiums where some pitches had over 84 hours of use over just 35 days, which is the equivalent to a full season of games.

We can transform a prepared pitch in as little as 5 days, even between matches.

All installations are completed by our own trained crew, supported by experienced site managers. We provide support and maintenance to ensure your perfect pitch is always at its best.

95% natural turf

Longer lasting grass

Faster recovery

Ready in 7 days