Horizon carpet features a carpet-based technology that gives horizontal reinforcement to the natural grass and it guarantees the same performances of Vertix.

FlexGrass only uses sods grown at specialist grass nurseries, carefully selected as partners for their reliably high quality.

Players appreciate the level surface, free of divots and mud puddles; owners benefit from an excellent ROI based on a lower investment threshold

Transform your pitch almost instantly into a robust, top-level sports and event field, and reap the rewards of optimal utilization of multifunctional venues. 

Patented tufting lock process leaves ample room for drainage and oxygenation and promotes optimal root penetration. 100% recycable and glue free product.

In-house produced synthetic fibres reinforce the subbase, providing optimal resilience and resistance.

Surface reinforcement

Optimal resistance

100% recyclable and glue free product

High ROI and low investment